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Ag Ad Inc. Price List 2019

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AgAd, Inc. Custom Imprints

Custom Imprinting

With your logo permanently silkscreened on our products, they become a unique promotional tool. A multitude of scales and calibration information are available, so our products can be customized to give you an advertising specialty that your customers will actually use.

Ag Ad Inc. 2 Quart MaC pitcher - proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

Our signature products – the MaC Pitcher and MaC Tube – enable our clients to meet three important objectives:

  • A unique marketing tool for brand name and product promotion
  • Consistently delivered, accurate measurement
  • Promote the responsible use of agri-chemicals 

Contact us today to see how Ag Ad can help your company measure up to its full growth potential.

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